Using Knack as an LTI

Does anyone know or have experience with how I could use a knack app via a LTI
What I am trying to achieve is allow students access to their user profile in Knack without having a separate login

Hi Amaan

I don’t know if I can offer any particular insight but I wanted to reach out as a fellow educationalist.

I’ve not heard of Knack being used as an LTI. What LMS are you using?

I wonder if there you could use any of the advanced SSO options that Kack offers, or write an API to use your LMS to act as a single sign-on provider. Just a thought.

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With regards to integrating Knack with LTI to use only sign in once, I have not done that but what i did was to use the SSO feature which allowed students to sign in using via the school gmail provided.

In thia case, it really helped as it compelled students to log into their emails or always keep their email logged in before signing into Knack to access their profile and grades.

Yeah this is what I had as an option although the insitution does not provide school accounts and uses canvas Authentication

Using Canvas LMS, The Knack App consolidates all the data from various systems into one. Then have built out functionality and automation based on that.
The challenge is not having students needing to leave canvas or at least not having a separate login