Using Images as clickable links

I’m working to develop a ‘mobile friendly’ version of my existing Knack Application, one of the ideas I’m playing with is using more Icon / images to help the users navigate through the data, so for information about a specific Site, they can click the Site icon etc. I’m using Lists to display the items they can choose and each has an associated Icon. What i’d like to do is replace the View Details link with an image, in this case its an icon / image of a building. Right now it looks okay but the users have to press of the View Details link when they’d like to be able to click the icon. This will be used from an iPad or iPhone etc.

Hi Laura,

thanks for your comment. I've tried this method but the knack provided ICONS are too small when viewed on a mobile device, ideally I'd like to use my own icon image, which is a little building shape - and it's about 3 times the size of the icons provided.



Hi Marcus -

If I'm understanding you correctly, you should be able to do this already. If you've added a list view to your page, and added the "Link to view more details" under the "Special" tab, you then can edit that link. You'll want to remove the text in the "Link Text" field and then add the icon.

You can remove all other fields from that list view so only the icon / link to your details page shows.