User Ability to Clear all Records

Is there a way to create a button to allow the user to delete ALL records in an object?

In one of our projects, we are using Knack as a leaderboard for visitors that take a quiz. The user wants to clear the leaderboard whenever they add new quiz content.

Thanks for any help!

You can’t bulk delete records from an object in the live app as a standard feature. You’d be looking at a code based solution.
I’m not a coder so can’t help further :smiling_face_with_tear:
May be worth reaching out to either Knack Pros or Sunny Singla on the expert network.Highly recommend both for this type of bespoke code solution.


Thanks for the response Carl. I figured I’d need to seek out something custom. I’ll try some other avenues, have a great day.

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For anyone looking for a solution to this, I had some help from other experts.

This can be done with code, or this can be done relatively easily with a account. Create a new object in Knack with the sole purpose of creating an arbitrary record. In your Make account, create a
Knack webhook to listen to that object when a new record is created, then use a search function to find the records you want, then a delete function to remove those records. Next create a button in Knack, in your page, that uses a form to create a new record for that object. The new record is the trigger to activate the delete command.

It’s a simple scenario, and I’m sure it’s only useful for a small amount of records to be deleted, But hopefully this helps others on the right path.

Thanks to @Loic_Wiseflow for helping me with this.