Two Factor Authentication for developer access

2FA is becoming a standard, specially for administrator that manage users sensitive data.

A probably faster solution could be to implement google signin also for developers (as you have for users) and allow the developer to disable the standard login, allowing google signin only (that already support 2FA)

We are excited to announce two-factor authentication, or 2FA, for the Knack Builder! (Here's our blog post on it.) Enabling 2FA will add an additional layer of security to your Builder account, requiring you to provide a randomly-generated six-digit code from an authentication app of your choosing.

You can read more on how to enable two-factor authentication here. 

Same very keen here.

I hope this is looked into also. 2FA/MFA should be possible both for developers and users!

I would like to see 2FA an option that admin's can turn on. In some cases the users may also be accessing sensitive information and having 2FA would make them comfortable with the security.

This is a must have feature. It should be available for developers and admin users.



Is it not something that must have been done for the HIPAA just announced, would expect it in the non-HIPAA too.



I see the lack of 2FA on the builder login as a growing issue, especially as we have more clients using our apps.

FIDO U2F is an open standard that can be used if you dont want to use something like Google Authenticator.

As i start to move more stuff, having the builder account open without 2FA gets more and more risky...