Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Live App Users

Thanks Knack team for implementing 2FA for builder access,

The logical next step is to enable it as an option for user access as well please!

Yes and please include the option to require all users of an app to use 2FA.

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We don't use SSO so this is a  problem.  Thanks for your help but I may have to move the app.

I have asked multiple times for this functionality. As it is a major security issues and is needed for compliance however Knack is not doing anything with it so we have been looking for other alternatives. 

Here is the last response they gave me. First they told me vote so it becomes more visible in their backlog. Then offered this which doesn't work in my use case.

At this time, the only way to enable 2FA for live app users would be to setup SSO for your apps and then use the 2FA built into the SSO provider. However we know you mentioned this was not an option in your use case. 

We are currently focusing our efforts on the release of the new builder and implementing SQL on our servers before considering other projects like this one. While this isn’t something we’re actively considering or have a timeline for, users upvoting the feature request will help increase the visibility of the issue on our product backlog. Any updates on this feature will be posted on the feature request here.

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Seems like no one is getting an answer regarding the multi factor login for users.  Is this something that will be coming or I need to look at other options since out client is requiring high security?  If any one knows please help.  

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Was the option for MFA added for the apps? I have multiple clients who would be using apps who do not have an SSO solution implemented so going that route won't work. Are there other options for MFA, what was done with the builder was simple and worked well will that be available for the apps

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Was this feature ever added for user-logins? 

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Yes, this is really a key feature for being able to provide Knack solutions to most customers! Please consider adding this asap.

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This feature seems essential indeed!! Would be great to have it soon (if the technology already exists for builder log-ins, I suppose it would not require major development to add this to the user log-ins).

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Thank you Tony - yes you are correct - you need to first using SSO to avail of MFA however my client doesn't have the requirement for single sign on hence why that wasn't a solution I could "sell" too easily

I believe you can plug a 2FA system into Knack if you utilize the single-sign-on system tied to a 2FA SSO.


We have a client that desperately requires MFA to ensure identity management is strengthened.

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Indispensable for certain app

This would be great, rather than having to create an entire SSO application to build this in.

2FA for the live app would be extremely useful


I would like to see this too. I have workflow that currently simulates this (somewhat) but it is less than ideal.