Trigger a modal after inline edit?

Is anyone aware of a way we could trigger a modal popup after an inline edit?

Context: We have a list of products with an availability status (Available, sold, pending, removed) I would like to be able to change a product to “sold” via in-line edit and have a modal pop up that would then allow us to answer specific questions about the sale. Ie: which lead it sold to, how much it sold for, etc…

any ideas would be appreciated.

Hello Alex,

This can be done using javascript.

$(document).on(‘knack-cell-update.view_123’, function (event, view, updatedRecord) {
location.href = ‘Modelpopupurl’;

Sunny Singla

Great, thank you for this! Currently, this pulled up the modal widow, however it is not connected to the record that was in-updated. Any idea on how to archive this?

use below

$(document).on(‘knack-cell-update.view_123’, function (event, view, updatedRecord) {
location.href = ‘Modelpopupurl/’;

Thank you!