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I am the only Knack user in my organisation and giving a presentation to colleagues on who will have a bucket-load of their own good ideas for how Knack could help them. My apps tend to be bespoke solutions for information gathering with one or two reflect process.

As an introduction to the session, I would be interested in understanding some of the good stuff that has been done on Knack. It could be a publicly accessible example/ large scale example or

I can’t offer you access to any public facing applications, but as a full-time builder I would say that Knacks strength, for me, lies in its ability to create gated workflow processes, providing a single source of truth to an organisation.

With a very strong suite of rules, display, record, page, etc. it enables you to create applications that do a lot of heavy lifting for the user. This ensures that your data remains consistent and makes sense. Most applications I build have a “cradle to grave process” which Knack excels at?

One of its obvious main differentiators is its ability to create portals for external users, along with user roles for access. Obviously, any company wants to ensure their date is safe and secure, which Knack holds as a high priority.

Over the past eight years, I’ve built many applications across various industries including education, retail, technology, insurance, education, construction, automotive, marketing and leisure.

With its unique pricing structure and incredible flexibility, although not perfect, and no tool is, it is an exceptional platform to build almost any application.

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Hi @patrick3,

It’s fantastic to see your interest in discovering the full potential of Knack! Echoing Carl’s insights, Knack indeed offers a diverse array of solutions tailored to various industry needs.

If you haven’t already, I recommend exploring our solutions page here: Solutions by Industry from Knack | No-Code Database Uses By Industry). Additionally, you might find inspiration from our compelling case studies showcased here: Case Studies for Knack - Reviews of Real Organization Uses.

I hope this helps! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead :slight_smile:

Hi Carl,

Many thanks for your reply. The presentation went well and one colleague in particular has an ‘impending doom’ type scenario where Knack would be a really good interim solution. She may get in touch with you via your website.

Best Regards,

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Glad to hear it all went well :blush: