Time related validation rules working in multipe timezones

As a builder, I have an application that is used by users in multiple countries, with different timezones.
There are multiple fields in my application with time related validation rules, for example: Moment of calibration, validation rule: is after current time.
Current time is relative to the users location, so is there a way to make sure the validation rules apply to the users time zone?

So I have my app set in CET (amterdam +1GMT).
The application is used by users in both the Netherlands, and Canada, a 5 hour time difference.
There are multiple fields with time related validation rules, for example: Date/Time Activity measurement. Where the Measurement time cannot be a future time/date.

But when the Canadian users try to fill in a Date/Time that is in the future, for example 17/03 14:00, while their current time is 17/03 11:00, the validation rule is not applied, because the application only regards the current time in Amsterdam.

This means the validation rule currently only works for one location, and is useless when dealing with users in multiple countries.
Instead of having the time related validation rules based on the time zone the application is set in, I want an an option to apply it to the users time zone.

Hello Esther,

This can be done using javascript.

Like if users are from timezone +0GMT then Add(1) hr in date added by the user and insert that date into the New Datetime field.

Sunny Singla