Text Formula Check Null and If Not Then Style-Question

Hi Wonderful Knack Community,

I have a form that uses a 15 fields. I then want those results displayed in a list with line breaks and for a few specific ones, some added text. I’ve created a separate text formula for each field to add the line break and specific text, then am combining those into one text formula for the display list. The trouble is the break is coming through even if the {} field is empty, so the resulting list has big spaces in it.

*Is there a way to check if the {} is empty?

Then I could only add the line break if it was not empty and hopefully eliminate the errant breaks in the final list.


Hello Lauren,

Instead of using a text formula, you can achieve this by using a Simple rich text field with conditional rules.

Sunny Singla

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Thanks for the response, @Sunny_Singla! I never thought to use the Rich Text fields to format a string. This definitely works to an extent. I just need the {} to display with a
if there IS content and it doesn’t look like the rich text fields like handle bars, so I can’t use a conditional rule to display both another field value AND the
formatting. I’ll keep playing. Maybe I’ll use a list view to display the content and hide empty values.

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