Ability to display text formulas on a form

It would be nice to have text formulas display on a form.

I use text formulas in child records to get text data from parent objects. If I cannot use that data where needed on a form, I am faced with breaking one of the fundamental rules of relational data bases - inputting redundant data in a child object field that is otherwise readily available from the connection to the parent object.

YES I AGREE... it would be most helpful to have (A) Fields with conditional rules,  and (B) Text formula fields to be able to be displayed (non-editable) on FORMS.  Information that cannot be displayed or printed is quite useless.

I tried added a conditional rule and it still did not allow me.  :(

A workaround would be to make short text field and use conditional rules to set it to the value of the text formula.


The ability to display a Text Formula field on a form (as read-only) would be hugely helpful. However, the real issue is when the field(s) get populated. As soon as a connected field record is entered on the form, the data from that connected record should be accessible. If there are other field values from that connected record elsewhere on the form, they should populate.