Text Field controlling the value in another Field

Is it possible to have Field_1’s value dictate Field_2? For example, if Line Item 1’s Field_1 is not blank, make Field_2 TP00001. Next, Line Item 2’s Field_1 is not blank, make Field_2 TP00003. Next, Line Item 3’s Field_1 is not blank, make Field_2 TP00003…and so forth. Field_2 will always be a unique value.

Could you not use the auto incorrect field and then a text formula to concatenate that with your TP prefix.
Not quite sure I understand the requirement, @Sunny_Singla may jump in, he’s great at these text questions. :blush:

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Thank you for commenting. Our order data has a Line Item ID but its ugly (ie GjJG9mUVN071x9EeTg-peoQ-e-e). I’m storing that on the back-end, but I want to display a column to the user that is clean (ie TP00001). I just need the clean ID to increase by 1 with a new Line Item ID is added to Knack.

I hope that helps explain it a little better.


Look like it’s simple just use the Autoincrement field in this table. and use that id to concatenate with TP.

I can’t fully understand the question. what was the issue with this?

Sunny Singla

Carl and Sunny,

Thank you both. I’ve never used the Autoincrement field before. I’ll give it a shot, but I have a feeling this will work for what I need.