Template for a MarketPlace

What’s the best knack template to use as a draft to start building an intermediated marketplace where buyers can ask for quotations & sellers and offer their products?

Buyers would be able to show interest in offers, and sellers would be able to offer in response to inquiries.

With that information the database owner would try to find “matches” between buyers and sellers.

For that, would you use one table for inquiries, and another one for offers?

Or would you just simply use one table with a field Offer/Inquiry?


You can start with the Customer Portal template. Then instead of submitting Service Requests, you can modify the template so Customers submit “Inquiries” on “Offers”.

However you can start from scratch. You’d have two objects:

  • Offers
  • Inquiries

and two User Roles:

  • Seller
  • Buyer

Offer would have the following fields:

  • Seller (connection field)
  • Description (Paragraph Text)
  • Date
  • Status (Multiple Choice)

Inquiry would have the following fields:

  • Buyer (connection field)
  • Description (Paragraph Text)
  • Date
  • Status (Multiple Choice)

Pages would be:

  • Offers (a list of all Offers)
  • Offer Details (a details view of an Offer)
  • Submit an Inquiry (a form that creates a new Inquiry connected to the Offer on the Offer Details page)
  • My Offers (a list of all Offers connected to the logged-in Seller)
  • My Inquiries (a list of all Inquiries connected to the logged-in Buyer)

If you need assistance building your marketplace let me know.

Good luck,
Knack Pros

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