What Template Apps do you want to see in 2024?

We’ve been focused on creating template apps that we know we are missing, but we’d love to hear what else you would like created as we go into 2024. Give us ideas, and we will add them to our Template App roadmap. What template apps could you currently use? What template apps would have been helpful when building your app in Knack?

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An easy way to create an assessment. Right now we need a multi choice answer and for each answer add rules to assign a score to the answer and write it to a separate number field. I need to do hundreds of questions and this is putting me off. Please a simple way to capture a score for an answer without a separate number field.

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@CheyenneKolosky that is a great offer to start 2024!

  • Multi-Companies Platform Template: an App that comes with a structure that assigns users to companies, and when a user login he sees only the pages and data of his company.

  • A Like, Punctuation and Valoration Template: to rate others contents and leave comments.

  • A CRM & Quote/Billing Template: a fusion of both existing templates.

  • A RSVP & Pay Template: Send email invitations to a private event to users in a list, that can go to a page to respond by No or Yes, and if the later can register for the event and pay if needed; and have the guest list updated in real-time Yes(paied)-No-Pending answer.

  • A Multi-Account Template: when the user login, the home page show various Accounts/Companies for which the user works for. By selecting one, the user see only the data of this company, and is able to click a button to go back to the home page to switch company. It is a layer superior and more complicated than my proposition of “Multi-Companies Platform Template”, where a user is assigned to a unique company. (In an App, a user can have only one email.)

  • A Community Manager Planning Template: to plan and see in a calendar publications by subject, date, channel, content, etc… Not a publishing or metrics template (already exist and complex), just a planning one.

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Would love the opportunity to be able to create and sell templates!


I have spoken to some creators that already have exactly what I need and I would pay for a template.

Hi guys, I am having a look a the new templates created - congrats!

ps: the screenshots viewer does not always work properly for me: side arrows missing and not able to view all images.

A template to create gantt chart, very much essential!


I would like to add templates to an existing app. Possibly as a new tab. Great way to add features.


Contract Manager: to control expiration dates, hours used, service levels, prices, additional information, contacts, billing data…

Real Estate Template to manage tasks from listing to closing. If representing the buyer, same from offer to closing.

I love the new templates. For some of them I’m not sure why it was designed the way it is or how to properly use it. I would like to see a quick tutorial to show how to use it. Thanks!