Tasks and 'If before current time' failing

I logged an urgent fault on live chat Saturday pm, and it is still showing as unread… sent email too and no response. 2 wording days, or 4 days to even a look at a message is pretty unbelievable.

Not sure if anyone had the same issue - currently unresolved.

We have tasks that run 6 time a day, that compare a time field and trigger an escalation email if the time in the database is before the current time. This has worked correctly for months, and suddenly Saturday it ignored the rule and just fired the escalation - no one had logged in for about 2 weeks, so no changes our end. I suspect their server time may have changed, or there code that sets time zones changed, or they changed some code that causes the ‘if time is before current time’ to fail… it is still firing incorrectly.

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Hi @AndrewUK

I think we all realise that Knack support is really snowed at the moment, and that this is very difficult for some people.

Most of us Knack partners derive most, if not all, of our income from Knack projects and so have really worried about this issue ourselves. However, as a partner I can confirm that we have ‘met’ (on Zoom) their new CEO. They are recruiting but this will take time to work through. The investment is real.

I have researched (and reviewed on my blog) several alternatives in the past few years and am still happy that Knack represents the best compromise of features, price and ease of use in the market - and they will get through these issues.

I hope this goes some way to reassuring you - in the meantime you may want to look at Make for performing alerts and other business logic for your Knack apps - in my view it is an almost essential tool to add to your arsenal, and the combination of Make and Knack is awesome.


Was you App upgraded to the new environment just prior to this happening?

A bit of an update…

I have confirmed this is a server / code issue.

In a different install of Knack, I have two db objects… One has a form that captures the current time and data and upon save it updates another field in a different object. Today i noticed the current date was saved as 14:12 and the corresponding auto update in the other db oject had the time listed at 09:12.

Clearly there is a code issue not applying the apps time locales / time zone when automated tasks run, e.g. a task looking at current time, and auto copying.

I would advise anyone relying on times and any auto rules to investigate as 5 days on Knack are still to respond, other than saying they got 100 tickets ahead of me.

I can confirm that on both accounts the app settings have correct time zone / region etc. so it’s not as if that changed back to default when the upgrade took place.

I had similar issues with views that had date based filters.
Knack support even before the upgrades was extremely slow. I hope they are hiring because both development and support have really slowed

Did this start happening after they upgraded your app?

I have implemented a ‘unique data id’ calculation that I find more reliable than relying on date filters:

Essentially formula fields to turn the date into a YYYYMMDD string - I can then use greater than/less than filters on that field.

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We have found that anything that says ‘today’ is not working reliably.

Hi there, just wanted to drop a quick note here to let you know that while there was an issue with tasks that were based on “is before/after current time” criteria using a date/time field, it has been resolved with a fix that was deployed four days ago.

Having said that if you continue to run any issues, please do submit a ticket to our support if you haven’t done so already - we’ll follow up on that and get back to you.