Scheduled tasks running at odd times

Hello all,

I am new to the Knack platform but have learned so quick, and have utilized the powerful tools Knack has to offer.

With regard to scheduled tasks, I am just starting to play around with it. I set a task to run at 12:15AM, however the tasks ran at around 2:11PM that same day, almost 14 hours later. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or what would be causing it?

Also, any way to send one email with many Fields versus individual emails for every field?

Thanks so much!

You may want to raise your task query with as a task should not be running that far out for the scheduled time.

I presume you have your app time settings correct for your country.

Over the years I’ve experienced some very minor variations. For example, if you run a task a 9am this is a very popular time so it may be in a queue to process along with other tasks for other Knack user accounts.

Where possible, I try and avoid “peak times” and would send the email at, for instance 8:40am.

If the task is just updating records I run them around 2-4am

Regards your email question, @JulianKirkness post may help.

I had a similar issue with tasks not running at the specified time. Additionally, I had tasks skipping days. I worked with support, they were very helpful. They ended up moving my application to a new server which fixed the issue. It has been about a month and everything is running smoothly.

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