Tabs as real tabs

I would like to have connected tables shown on a record detail page but in tabs as there might be 6+ tables, we can show buttons that are called tabs today but they are not tabs and you have to click on it to load the table and then you don't have the details part of the page anymore so they are not tabs they are buttons, pills, whatever you want to call them.

I just want regular jQuery tabs to show multiple connected tables on a record details page.


Until it is native I have added it with custom JS & CSS for putting tabls in Tabs here:



this would be very useful for me as well - thank you


Basically I would like a new special field called "Tabs" added to views with the options "Start Tab Group", "Start Tab" and "End Tab Group" so then you can just drag 'n' drop these field around your other fields to create tabs as and where you like.


Start Tab Group

Start Tab

Field 1

Field 2

Table 1

Connected table 2

Start Tab

Connected table 3

End Tab Group

Field 3




I would like this, too.

Totally agree - this would be a very useful feature for my app as well.

Really want this, with normal tabs so no page reloads/redirect just lazy load the content of each tab when the tab is first made active for each page load. Be good on the Interface under "Add View" as a third option so "to this page", "linked with a menu" and then "to this page as a tab"