Tables - number of records

We are allowed to specify how many records can be shown in a table. 10, 25, 50 and 100...

You can also let a user specify this....

I would like to see "5" added to this (or really any number for flexibility).

Being able to do 5 or even three might be handy for mobile devices. Thanks!

There is a way to configure the table option to be able to directly display 1000 or 9000 or 2 or 44... records without the need for the user to select how many records he wants to view.
Knack in table options only lets you select up to 100 records.

I do not have any table with more than 1000 records, but if someone can try it on a table with more records and tell me if it also works in the case of wanting to show 10,000 or unlimited. We will be grateful.

I will explain this solution with a video, no code is required: (well only one line of html):


I second this. It should be easy to implement.