Synchronize "required" and Validation flag on Edit Form

I have some fields that are required based on the status of other fields. I can enforce this using Validation, but the page view will only show the “*” next to fields that are marked in the schema as “required”.

This leads to a mismatch between what’s shown on the page as required, and what’s actually required.

Can the “*” be made dynamic to match Validation?

Hi DeeGee,

A field is set as either mandatory or non-mandatory at the table (object) level and can not be changed with validation rules.
It is a parameter of the field settings.
Are you using “display rules” to show and hide fields based on other selections?


If you have a field that you require such as a “passport” file upload, it would likely be a field that you want to set as mandatory.
However, that would mean that a file has to be uploaded even if the user doesn’t have a passport available.

You could add another multi choice field called “Passport - Yes/No” to the table before the file field with just yes and no as options.
This would be a mandatory field set to “Yes”.
On the submit form you could then have a display rule that hides the passport file field if the Yes/No field is changed to No.
This way the passport file field is mandatory but can be skipped over with the Yes/No field before being toggled to “No” and hiding the file field.

Once the passport file field is hidden it’s mandatory status is ignored as the field is not visible.

I’m not sure if this helps you but a field only has two states, mandatory or non at the field object level and can’t be changed elsewhere or by other means.

Unfortunately in my case the field needs to be visible all the time - it’s only the “required” state that needs to change.

I’m wondering if there’s a workaround of having two fields, one required and one not, using display rules to select the appropriate one, and setting a submit rule to keep the two in sync. Ugly, but it might work.

You could use a record submit rule or add a text formula field which has both field values in it.

The text formula field will either have the mandatory or non mandatory value but never both.

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