Styling a Text Formula

Hi guys,

To style a field we use the List Item Properties style.

But is there a way to style diferent parts of a text formula field?

I have this one, and I want to style the collaborator in bold and the date in small font. I also would like to have a wide blank space between the functions.

{Comentario Colaborador Com.Nombre} . {Fecha Com}

Hey Michael. You can achieve this using a few jquery commands in the JS backend. Since you’re using the ‘.’ as a delimiter, you can split the text using that and apply the separate styles and write it back to that particular HTML element.

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Hi Arjun!

Thank for the solution to that.

In my actual use-case need it is not worth more JS code. But I note that it is possible and your solution for possible further use-case.

Thank you!

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