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I'd like to be alerted when knack is having problems. Ideally, it would tell us when the servers are down and an estimate on how long it will take them to be fixed.

When it's down (which has so far been fairly rare), I need to know or else I have 6 or 7 people sitting around getting restless.

Looks resolved and the description explains why now

The servers seem to be down again.

And at the moment, even the Status page ( is down.

There's no update on Twitter ( either!


Is there really no way to get more (and timely) information when the service goes down, planned or unplanned??

The hardest part for me is during European and Weekend hours is not knowing in a timely fashion - our company relies on Knack for many things, we work weekends!

Okay turns out there is a status page - just found it via Twitter - but "all systems are looking good" - apparently.

And the support ticket response says "we'll get back to you on the next working day". Not at all useful for the next two days when I need it!

Same for me - I have a number of users shouting at me and all I can tell them is it "must be down for unplanned maintenance" 

Yes I agree we have no information to tell our users today with all experiencing HTTP ERROR 503 whereas the Knack Status page tells us "All systems are working as expected."

I just wanted to punt this up the list again - Knack seems to be down just now and I went looking for the fairly standard thing most systems have these days - a status blog - and couldn't find it. This is important. 

Ah, I see that knack is down for you right now as well...  

This is pretty important at this point...

I know this thread is very old but need to dust off the beginning idea/intent. The status page is helpful, and Twitter also helps but seems inconsistent with communication when compared to the status page.

Please include an option for users to subscribe to alerts on the status page, allowing a more proactive vs reactive approach. There is another company that does this quite well, as an example.

See the “Get updates” button on this page:

No complaints about the commitment Knack places on outages and fully acknowledge that recent events were beyond company control. This just allows for better communication of the work already being done by the team. Thanks for all you do and a willingness to constantly improve!