Source-data filters deleted when copying views

Hello knachos

Not sure if I do something wrong or if it is a general bug, but when I move or a copy a view (let’s say a grid) between two pages in the builder, it deletes all the filters related to source.
It is really annoying, as it is often the longest to set up in my different views.

Anyone having the same issue?

Hi @Laurent - I may be misunderstanding, but I don’t experience the same issue.

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Thank you for your detailed answer.
I do the same as you, but then during the copying process (38 s in your video) it asks

Confirm records

Confirm the records this view will work with. They may change to work with the new page.

All Rendez-vous
Rendez-vous connected to …

And both options erase my filters. (and it is not due to different page permissions, I checked)
Anyhow, thanks again. I will contact support.

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