Showing Multiple Choice Answers as list in form view page


I have a display/view form page which has the answer to a multiple choice question showing. At the moment it has the label to the left and the field value shows the answers that have been ticked. The problem is that if someone has ticked more than one answer it shows it in one long sentence (seperated by commas) rather than as a clear list. E.g

Multiple Choice 1, multiple choice 2, Multiple Choice 3

Whereas I would like it to show as

Multiple Choice 1

Multiple Choice 2

Multiple Choice 3

That would make it a lot clearer for the person reviewing the answers.

If anyone has some tips on this - much appreciated!


Hi Dan

No, I'm afraid not. It's a view page (rather than edit) of a completed form. So it shows the questions on the left (grey shadow boxes/labels) and the answers on the right.

Hope that helps!



If you mean you are showing the form results in a table view then you can change the multi-values from comma to new line in the options for that column in the table?