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I am trying to create an employee orientation (similar to a quiz) in which we provide information to our new employees and they then select that they understand or that they would like additional information. The problem is the multiple choice field only displays the title of the question. What might be the best way to include a longer paragraph of information? The ‘instruction’ method adds text after the question. Any ideas?

@Meagan - The below video may help, if I understand your query correctly :blush:.

@Megan - Just realised that I’d logged in with my other Knack account so posting the links here from my partner login. :blush:

Thanks @CarlHolmes! I ended up just using a workaround with the Title/Copy elements but this is good to know for future needs. :grinning:

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Hi @Meagan - I’m glad you got it sorted. If you want to add some colour or change the size of the font you can adapt the below CSS. Just paste it into the Title or Copy section as shown below.

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<p style="color:#CF2474; font-size: 20px;">This text has the font Courier, is Blue, and 20px.</p>

Amazing! Thank you so much @CarlHolmes

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