Search/Select Lists on Mobile Phones

I have a lot of products that can be chosen in a form. When the app is used on a desktop, the select box first acts as a Search and it filters the select list and then a product can be selected.

This same functionality is not working on mobile phones. The Product appears as a pull-down with the little down arrow at the end of the box, but when you touch it to select the product it only comes up with a single Select option which is marked.

I could not agree more Zak. We are too far into our app to change things and this is a major disappointment. The work around it's too add a couple of steps but putting a search in front of it with a link then to add a record. Not an elegant solution at all. Especially when my select list is based on the logged in user. I haven't investigated if the search scope can be lined, but it didn't sound like a an effective work around from the get go.

At a minimum, could the limit be need user defined and let me deal with the consequences??

This is absolutely insane that Knack does not mention this limitation anywhere in it's documentation, and continues to advertise that apps built on Knack are "mobile friendly".

We invested a ton of hours into building our application, specifically because Knack claimed to work on both mobile and desktop. It's a massive breach of trust to just arbitrarily limit the number of records you can use in an object on mobile.

I believe this is a known limitation of the current Knack functionality.

If you're comfortable with javascript, you could implement Selectize.js to get the select working (

Depending on your budget you could reach out to the Knack builder network for this--I'd estimate less than 5 hours of work: