Mobile Design Options

Does Knack have any plans to release more robust design options for mobile responsiveness? Currently, apps are automatically responsive which is great in its own right, but offers no ability for customization for mobile devices. This makes complex apps very difficult to use on mobile. Some limitations include:

1 - tables with many columns are nearly impossible to use.
2 - forms may not place fields in a correct order when grouping fields into sections
3 - menus looking clunky and taking up several lines
4 - inline editing of tables is difficult
5 - forms sometimes reload when a user navigates away from the app and then back to the app, deleting any inputted date

Would love to see an ability to create custom designs for the mobile versions of a page. Maybe the new ‘global design’ settings being implemented could also work for mobile?

Anyone else have this issue and care to share. Hoping to get some traction here as the current mobile responsiveness is useless for tables.