Responsive display of multi-column forms


Forms work well enough on my iPhone, but when I have a multi-column layout, there is no responsive removal of the left padding on the 2nd/3rd column, so I have to do it manually.

Thanks for the clarification! We just recently have been discussing the roadmap and know that needs an update. We've been spending significant planning and development time on some big projects that we'll be sure to announce just as soon as we can.

Appreciate the discussion here Jonathan -

Hi Laura, This comment was directly aimed at the bootstrap themes rather than the knack theme. Looking at the roadmap it's been in planning now for quite some time

Jonathan - the Knack Standard theme (formerly the "New Knack Theme") was put out some time ago. I'd love to look at your specific use case if you want to send in a note to on it. I can take a look if it's a good example to add here or if there's a better setup currently we can get you on your way with. Thanks!

Do you possibly know when this is going to be released? It's been almost a year and it's urgently needed.

Hi Wagnon -

This is something we have on our roadmap, under "New Knack Theme". This will then dovetail in to a feature release for other Bootstrap Themes. We don't currently have an ETA on its release.

Thanks for writing!