Search not finding right results like it was last week

I have noticed that, since last week, when I do a search, I don’t get the results I used to. Let’s say this is in one of the fields (short text field) of the record I want to search for:

Angra do Heroísmo - Turma X (100) - Edição: 7

If I perform a search for “heroísmo angra” I would not get any result. Same with “angra turma”, “angra heroísmo turma x” or even “edição 7”. Would also not display any result if I searched for the whole name, “Angra do Heroísmo - Turma X (100) - Edição: 7”.

I have also noticed that the accents (which are used very commonly in languages like Portuguese) are mandatory for the search to happen correctly; if I introduced “heroismo” without the “í” I would not get results.

The only way for the results to show up is to write exactly the beginning of the name, with spaces, dashes and everything exactly as it is on this field. Now this is quite annoying because we have complex names with whitespaces, dashes, colons, parentheses and we have many records that use the same names except for one of two characters.

I believe this is a known issue with the recent performance upgrade. If you go to Knack: Performance Upgrade you can see they describe an issue with the search function where keyword searches support only exact matches. They don’t mention the issue you’re having with characters with accents, so it may be worth submitting a ticket about that.

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@Cheyenne Thank you for your answer!
Where can a ticket be submitted?
Thanks :sparkles:

There’s a few ways you can contact support: you can send an email to and in the builder you can click on the popup on the bottom right of the screen to send them a message or click on the question mark on the top right of the screen and navigate to support there. :slight_smile:

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