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We have a particular field with missing data and rather that have the field blank, we have entered “N/A”. When a user wants to look at the data containing “N/A” in the “standard” search field, they must type in exactly “N/A” to get a result. If the user types “na” or “Na” no results are found. My question is, is there a way that when a user types in “na” that the results with “N/A” are shown. Kind of pain to remember to insert the"/" between the two characters.

Thank you in advance JON

The way I usually solve this is to create another field such as “Also Known As” and set it to all the variations e.g. na, n/a, etc. Then Keyword Search can be configured to include the “Also Known As” field.

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Thank you for your response… What type of field to you create (short text, formula etc…) and where in this field do you place all the variations?

Do you have an example you can provide?

You should have two Short Text fields, “Location Name” and “Also Known As”.

For example, your record looks like this:
Location Name: Tesla
Also Known As: TSLA, Tesla Motors, Tesla Inc.

Then on your Keyword Search input, under which fields can be searched, if you select “the fields being used by the view” then you need to add both fields to the view. If you select “all the objects fields” then you don’t need to do anything else.


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Thank you… Works as expected.

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