Replace all blank entries in a table row with "N/A"

Just trying to spin up a quick script to fill table blanks with N/A. This would go for any data type.

I did notice table blanks show as  , but I’ve been unable to write an “if blank then replace with N/A” javascript to address this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing your question!

I understand that you’re looking for a quick script to fill records’ values with “N/A”, but I wanted to share this in case this could work for you:

In the Records view of the Builder for your table, you can update your records like the following screenshots show. I don’t know how many fields you have, but if you don’t have that many, this process could work for you:

You can find more information about updating your records here.

Have a great rest of your week!

Was looking for an approach using javascript/css. The client wants all the boxes in the table to say N/A instead of being blank, and a number of these fields are “numbers/currency” fields where “N/A” would be converted to “0.”

I would create a new number or short text field and add conditional rules to it. This new field would be what you show in the grid. So the conditional rules would be something like:
If (original field) is not blank, use (original field).
If (original field) is blank, “N/A”.
No need to use any code with this approach.

Alright, we will consider this option, thank you!

Although support keeps telling us to de-complicate our objects, so I’d like to avoid physically filling extra rows in the DB if the solution can be created with css/js code.