Search Control fields do not align

In the builder the fields appear to be aligned.
In the app they are not.

Is this a bug or is it just me?



Less a bug more a quirk. A workaround is to reduce the label text, for example, “Keyword Search” to “Search”, then add html code for a non breaking space ( ) after the label name to manually align. The above code is one space. You can’t simply use the space bar as it removes it when you save. You have to hard code it. Add the code multiple times, one for each space. This will add additional spaces to the shorter labels moving the input field to the right.

Bit hit and miss and a very manual process to align. Not sure why the builder shows them aligned and the live app not.

It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. May be worth dropping a suggestion through to to see if they can put it on the list. :wink:

Okay, thanks for the tip. I’ll send them a note.

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