Search by keyword

We have serial numbers that are inputted in the following format XXXX XXXX XXXX (ie 0123 4567 8910) and when the user types “4567” in the search by keyword it brings up all records containing “4567”. If the user enters “0123 4567” all records are shown containing “0123 4567” but if a user enter "01234567"with no space in between numbers, no results are displayed. If the user remember to place a space after 1st four numbers, the search by keyword works but if they forget, results are null. My only option at this point is to go back thru all the records and remove the space in between numbers.

Any and all help on a work around to somehow make the search by keyword not see the spacing, would be much appreciated.

Hey @Jon1 - the situation you describe is correct using the search by keyword function.
It finds any record that matches the same syntax. As you state, “123 456” is a different string to “123456”.
Spaces can often be challenge :crazy_face:
If you need to remove all the spaces I’d recommend using Integromat to run through all your records to remove them rather than doing it manually.
If you are not familiar let me know, see if we can connect.

Carl, thanks again for the response…