"RUN NOW" option for task execution/scheduling

Timed tasks are great.. but often when performing maintenance, I prefer to run manual tasks right at that moment... and currently have to set the task to run a few minutes in future and wait to for them to run.

Using batch updates and edits for revisions to objects work well for individual objects, but not when dealing with connected objects, such as inserting connected records or editing connected records, etc.

A "run now" option for tasks would be awesome.

It would be very useful to have the task fire upon a form submission from the UI. My specific use case is a water billing app. The water customers incur charges over time, and then the company users need to generate a bill (like a snapshot of where the current charges are) in a new table which pulls a summary of all the charges into it. The scheduled task is not convenient because if the users need to enter a new charge between the day the bill is generated automatically and the day they print the bills (like a late fee or a late reading), the only way to run the task manually is from the builder which they obviously do not have access to.

This would be great. I find myself doing the same thing (setting to run a few minutes in future).

Also would like to be able to “Pause” or "deactivate the task temporarily without deleting it. Sometimes I start setting up a task but can’t finish for some reason and I don’t want the task to trigger if I forget to go back and edit it.