Scheduled Tasks Updates

Summary page of all scheduled tasks for an object.


  • longer description for the scheduled task
  • more details about when the task is scheduled e.g. 'Daily at 07:30'. Currently the page just shows 'Daily', 'Weekly' etc
  • ability to include a notes field so the task can be documented

No it will be at most weekly

Any chance you will add an interval that is less than one day?

Is is it possible to schedule a weekly Task on a list of recording incidents to a user

I have created the task but it send multiple incidents emails instead of a list of all the incidents in one email ?


Is there any chance you will add yearly tasks? Like Jens Nasholm pointed out, it would be great for database maintenance.

Totally agree with Jonfrm... need to be able to schedule emails on dates like "First Monday of the Month" or "Last day of the month"

Yes! Yearly and manual triggers are a MUST for me too! Also, on the monthly tasks to be able to schedule as a recurring event on a specific day. For example: run on the second Monday of the month. Would be great for monthly commission and payroll processing.

Would be great to add "Yearly" to the list as well as daily, weekly and monthly. This can then be used for annual maintenance/update of the DB.

We're starting to work on some improvements here. Manual triggers and historical task logs are definitely on our list!

Being able to manually test the trigger is crucial for testing.