Roles - Can a admin role edit a user info?


A quick role question. I am building a volunteer database for a charity. I have a role for volunteers and a role of Medical Director.

A volunteer enters if they have an allergies or medical info.

A user with role Medical Director has a page that highlights any volunteers with medical or allergies, and there are two fields that the volunteer can see but not edit (notes and a multiple choice review status).

My plan was to allow the medical director to then change the review status multiple choice from ‘review pending’ to ‘revied - ok’ - and to enter any notes in the volunteers notes section. e.g. reviewed on date etc.

I have build the pages that allow users to see all the notes and enter their details, and a medical directors page to view and edit, but I can’t seem to work out how to allow a user with role of ‘medical director’ to add notes and change the multiple choice of the user - these fields sit under the volunteer role.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Hi Andrew,
From your description, what you have to do is to:

  1. Create a table where you choose all the allergies and medical info records to show all the’ records (you should not choose records that are connected to the logged-in volunteer).
  2. Add an edit button to that table.

All this should be on the medical directors page
Let me know if you have any questions

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Thanks for this, it seemed like i was missing something as i’m sure i done similar before. I deleted the edit and view tabs from the table, re added them and sure enough i could edit the record. I suspect i deleted a form on the edit page whilst trying to get styling right, added it a form and it lost the connection from the previous table, so thanks for the nudge!



You welcome Andrew!