Inline editing restricted to certain user roles only


Is it possible to restrict inline editing to only users within a specific user role?



The way this is normally done is two views are created, one with inline editing enabled and one without. Then the views are shown/hidden with Page Rules, depending on the logged in user’s role.


Agreed :+1: that’s how I do it too :rocket:

Hi @marketing1

This is also possible using the KTL

and using ktlRoles options

It provides so many no code (apart from 5 lines initially) solutions

What you are asking could be done like this in the view description.

_ni=[], [ktlRoles, !Developer, !Other Role]

This would disable online editing for every role except Developer and Other Role.

The empty brackets could contain column headers if you want to disable specific columns.

I use it on nearly every view and it’s indispensable.


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