Column based permissions

It would be great to have column based permissions available, currently you have to create another version of the view to separate permissions. Which becomes a nightmare when trying to maintain.

It would be great to be able to set permissions to view or edit on each column similar to something like monday/pulse has on theirs


Agreed, this would make things easier rather than having to duplicate a table and then hide it based on a user role. @Kara - one for the list :grinning:


I totally agree, would make life a lot easier for me. I have 100+ users on the site with different permissions.


Hi guys,

Yes, this is possible. The KTL can do it nicely and easily.

See this page, at the bottom you can see the string highlighted in the view’s description:

_hc=[Amount, Sale],[ktlRoles,Visitor]

This means “Hide Columns” (_hc keyword) Amount and Sale, but only if the user roles contain Visitor. Of course, you can have several roles, and you can also write !Visitor to exclude the roles.

If you replace the _hc for _rc, the columns will be removed from the DOM instead of just hidden.

Isn’t that great?!



Hi Normand,
I was checking out KTL looks great however does it allow a field to be read only for one but editable for another? Or would the trick be to add the field twice and show/hide accordingly?

Yes, this is possible.

The _ni keyword supports the ktlRoles option.

This means that you can disable inline editing only for specific roles, or leave it on for all roles except those preceded by an exclamation mark.

Ex: _ni=[Name, Phone], [ktlRoles,!Owner,!Manager]

This will disable inline editing for every roles, except Owner and Manager.