Report Writing

I have never seen this hack before so I thought I might post it in case some one needs a solution like mine. As you are aware the presentation of data in Knack is limited to really tables and lists or a chart and the layout is not very dynamic. Report writing with embedded field data is non-existent unless you use the email writer where you can embed field data into context dynamically. So for example you could have a field in your object called "user_weight" and write a text sentence in the email that says "Your weight is [user_weight]. You could have another field in your object, "weight_eval" that has a conditional rule that reads the "user_weight" field and has different conditional math logic to evaluate the number and change the data field with results like "you are over-weight", "you are under-weight", "you are just right". You could then have a dynamically written sentence in your email that says "At your current weight of [user_weight] [weight_eval]. This type of Dynamic report writing with embedded variables is only possible when emailing someone. I need to be able to allow a user to login to their account and view the dynamically generated data and figured out how to do it using Zapier. Zapier can give you an email address for a Zap that you can send HTML emails to and then you can turn that Zap around and post it to a record in Knack directly into an empty Rich Text field and it will appear as it does in the email but now in your app instead. You can even embed images throughout the email and those will be posted and visible in the rich text field that is created. You can get pretty sophisticated with Zapier and do other conditional logic or ID field searches to update instead of create a record. I embed the record ID in the subject and then strip that number out with the Zapier formatter and use that to tell it which record to update and add the dynamically generated rich HTML text data to my Object record. It seems this would be an easy feature for Knack to add to the system and reduce the extra work and cost of coding to Zapier but until then this works pretty slick.

I have expanded the use of a report format without the use of an email or outside integration all done with the Text Formula Field. Embed fields in text? - #2 by Sunny_Singla

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