Replacing a word throughout the app

Hi there,

I have quite an involved app that has multiple dimension objects, intertwined records, myriad tasks, and portal that 1000+ users login everyday.

I have received a request from our Board that the legal term has changed, whereby one of the term needs to be updated.

The change is logically simple, however since the term is seeded in various facets of the app, I’m not sure if I’ll break some internal flows…

Is there a way I can do a replace of all occurrence of the term in whatever facets of the app it be, even in conditions of an internal flow?

Please advise.

This is quite a broad question.
I’m not sure if you mean text or a data field.
There is no “find and replace” feature that will look in every page, view, rules and tasks.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for responding.
Indeed, this is a broad question and after raising a support ticket, knack support mentioned the community can help. They mentioned the use of API.

The terms are literally all over the place. Many objects have values as such, but more importantly, the forms and display / form rules extensively use the term to create new record, etc. so if I were to manually start changing, I’m afraid I might miss some flows (not only form flows but also task condition and the term is also assigned as a value). I feel this is too risky to go the manual way.

I am a rusty programmer who hadn’t dived into the ocean of API. Any advice is greatly appreciated :pray:t2:

Hello Jin,

I think it’s not done by API. You can create javascript function that can replace that word at every view render.

From Label, Textbox, or anywhere in the form Body. In the meanwhile, you can try to remove that from the backend.

Sunny Singla