Swapping from Knack Legacy to Knack Standard

Wanting to know, if when you click to change from Knack Legacy to Knack Standard, whether the live view data in your current website is affected, or if the change is smooth and it’s a simple click and current data slots into the new Standard format without further intervention?

Hope someone can advise. Nervous about making the change in case it causes a bucket load of headache and screws up our website content.

Hello Wendy,

Content will not change at all. It will affect your layout or maybe some custom JS and CSS stop working

Sunny Singla

So what I will advise is that you create a copy of the App and then change it.
After changing it, you can test all the features to make sure it works and fix the broken ones.

Then you can easily transition the live app and make those changes.

Thank you very much Sunny Singla.

Thank you very much as well Godfred.

Thanks Sunny and Godfred for your excellent and on-point answers.

The Knack Standard theme also tightened up the way that e.g. Rich Text fields render underlying formatting characters.

What this means practically and this is a niche use-case, is that if you have Rich Text field types and have pasted in content from e.g. the MicroSoft suite you should test edit those in the live app and the builder in the app copy looking out for extra spacing being added or formatting not being exactly as it was.

Please feel free to reach out to support@knack.com if this is the case and we can explain in more detail :grin:

If you don’t rely on Rich Text fields in this way, there’s nothing more to be concerned with outside of ensuring you’ve updated JS/CSS if relevant.

Thank you Robert.