Registration form to automatically populate a pdf

My company collects registration information on specific government forms. I currently manually collect the information and write it onto the forms or type it into a fillable pdf.

I'm wondering whether it is possible to create an app which allows customers to enter their own information into the app online which then automatically populates a fillable pdf with their information ready to printed and signed by them.

At the very least I want to collect information and store it in a database. Each client will have his own log in details to be able to log on and upload additional data and docs to his profile as well as view the status of his claim (my company processes petrol refunds with he New Zealand Govt on behalf of business clients).

To do this the registration papers have to be the official govt registration papers - or at least look identical. So Ideally the collected information is printed directly onto them.

I have attached the registration forms we use.

Is this possible? I have very little development experience.


I love Knack. Been here a long time and the development has been awesome. It is far more high-powered than i need in most aspects, but i wouldnt go elsewhere.

I did look at OutSystems, and started to learn that, which is also amazing, but they turned off entry level pricing about 5 years ago, so i couldnt commit any more time to it

I will commit some time to the webmerge scenario.

Actually, I purchased a custom built developed system for producing these pdfs. Spent a few thousand dollars on it but going good. Webmerge, knack and zapier should do the job for you. But there could well be other systems you could use.

Try Airtable as another option for a database. Shouldn't really mention that on here but might be another option if your database is not too complex.

Thanks Bernard

Love to hear your current solution...


I can't remember the details as I have another system in place now. But yes I managed to integrate webmerge and knack using Zapier quite successfully as an intermediary.

I note there is some detail on webmerge in other posts, but still interested in your outcome

Hi Bernard. How did you go?

In my case I need to send a physical copy of the forms to the govt. So I'm not allowed to go digital with signatures unfortunately.

and idea: since you're going the digital route, why even setup your process to be physically signed? Since you're in the building stage, might as well explore integrating knack<==zapier==>hellosign or some esign software to get rid of the print+sign process. That's going to save a lot of time and close more deals whatever you're selling.

Hi Thanks for your suggestion.

I need it to be on the pdf as above. It's an official govt document. I've figured out that Webmerge seems to be the best option so I'm in the process of figuring out how to integrate the 2 services with the help of Zapier. With my limited technical skills that's a bit of a challenge. But I'll get there.

Any better ideas or advice please let me know.

Hi Bernard:

Do you need something like this? (see attachment), this is filled by a knack form and sended to anemail. This is knack basic, no CSS, no Jquery, no Webmerge.