Reduce the gap between Views

I have a Visitor Sign-IN page designed for use on a tablet, so space is at a premium.
It is a table with a form view directly beneath it, but the space between the two views is taking up a lot of room on the page. (I have noticed this gap is much more in the new builder than the old builder).
Has anyone noticed this, or have a solution for it?

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What about linking the form from a menu button and setting the form to a modal pop up. :arrow_up:

That’s not a bad idea … An extra click for the user, but it might tidy the page up.
I’ll have a play with that idea.
Thanks Carl

I always use menus linking to modal pop up forms to add new records. I find it athletically more pleasing and a cleaner user experience.

You may want to add the below code to the JavaScript section so it stops the pop up from closing if you click outside. This can be annoying for the user, if they accidentally swipe outside a field with the mouse when completing, the form closes without saving. The code stops this across the whole application.

//Prevents clicking off modal popup windows globally
$(document).on('knack-scene-render.any', function(event, scene) {

Yes I normally do the same also, for the same reason.

In this case, because it’s on a tablet, I was trying to minimise the number of clicks for the user. I’ve tried the new page idea, and I think I like it ….

Thanks for the code. I have it in my apps, and it makes a huge difference to the user experience.

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@Craig_Anderson - glad that I could help.
If done, could you mark this thread as solved please :pray: