Page formatting issue

Hello Knack pros,
I am a brand new trial user. Having trouble with one of my pages. I get a lot of white space that I cannot seem to get rid of.
I have 3 screenshots that illustrate my issue. I hope someone will recognize what I’m doing wrong.
Any help is much appreciated.
Bill Walker

Hi @Bill2 - the large white space you have on the Units page is an anomaly with how Knack renders menus on modal popups.
Try reverting page to a standard page (not modal) or add the form that adds a new unit into the modal rather than it being a menu button that opens a new page.
If none of that makes sense I’m happy to jump on Zoom and help out.

Hi Bill, unfortunately, you’re running into a known bug that causes a white gap to be inserted on modals, just like Carl had said.

This would display properly if the page were not a modal, but otherwise having a menu above a table view on a modal page does cause a whitespace to appear.

It’s something that is on our engineering team’s backlog, but due to its visual nature is not currently a high priority to resolve, sorry. If you’d like, you can submit a ticket to and that way we’ll track it for you and let you know once it’s been fixed.

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Hi Carl, thanks for the quick reply. Leave it to me to find the bugs right off the bat.
I will play around with the alternatives you suggested before I ask for me help.
Thank you very much,

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Hi Marek, Thanks for your reply. Support (or the lack of it is why I am investigation Knack) is so important to a viable business. Glad to see the quick response and this on a holiday as well.
Thank you.

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Hey @Bill2 - I have a small collection of tips and tricks which you might find useful. The below also may be relevant.

Column Widths, Line Breaks and HTML - Knack Database

PS - I’m in the U.K. so no public holiday for us :laughing:

Thank you Carl, I will definitely watch and hopefully learn.

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I have used your alternative and now my form looks much better.
Loved the video! And I have bookmarked your YouTube homepage. I will be getting a lot out of these videos.

Great to hear, a sub to the channel would be appreciated :+1: