Modals Update


Modals close if you click outside of them before completing your intended action. We know this is frustrating for many of you.

Based on your feedback, we have created a setting so modals will remain open until you manually close them. This means you can take as much time as you need within a modal without worrying about it disappearing if you mis-click. The modal will stay open and accessible until you click the close button after completing your task.

This is a new setting that can be enabled under Page Settings, including User Pages. By default, this setting is not enabled.

Learn about our other recent updates on our new What’s New page here(October 2023).

This update provides a more seamless workflow when entering data or taking other actions in a modal. You no longer have to worry about the modal closing unexpectedly or needing to reopen it frequently. You have full control over when the modal closes.

We hope this improved modal behavior will allow you to Knack more efficiently and with less disruption to your workflow. Thank you for the ongoing feedback - it’s invaluable for identifying areas for improvement. Please keep the suggestions coming :sunny:

Kara :smiling_face:


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And it is even tailored to each popup. Fantastic!!

I can go to the Api window and erase some code.

Knack is on :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:


Great to see this update released. I’ll have to retire my YouTube video for how to add the code snippet now. Thanks to the team for getting this one out there :rocket:


This is wonderful! Thank you for the update, @Kara !



Thank you @Kara

Thanks for listening to the forum it’s great to see. Good work.


Actually thinking about this. It will take us a very long time to untangle this. It may be better to apply or not apply this to the whole app. Then we can choose to turn it on for certain modals (if app is off), or turn it off for certain modals (if app is on). As it stands we will have to stick to code as we just do not have the time to go through every modal. This is still a great feature for new builders.


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! Thanks team!


Great feedback, thank you!

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Personally I would have preferred that the action was set for all modal popups to remain open until saved or cancelled.

I can see no reason why anyone would want their popup to close on an accidental click outside the box.

For users with multiple add and edit boxes they will need to modify every instance whereby the current JavaScript workaround that people use is far more useful.

Any progress is good though.


On the need of being able to choose keeping open or not the popup:

In my App, I only want to “protect” (secure open) the popup FORMS. All the other popups, like a popup for User contact data or a data Details, I much prefer that it can be closed clicking outside anywhere.

…and the reason why is that many time the content in the popup is long, and when I reach the end I do not want to go all the way back at the top to click the cross. I just click anywhere. Fast and easy. adding: I am mainly talking about smartphone use-case. :wink:

…further, I do not care closing by mistake no-Form popup since I do not risk losing new written content.

Now, sure we could have an option in the Live App Design to on/off the Keep Modal Open, and then adapt it for each page, as this is the way for other Knack options. That would be the best of both worlds.

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:man_technologist: :astonished: :+1: :+1: :+1: Thank you.

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not every modal is an action - some are just informational and click outside to close is the fastest cleanest way for user to do so.


Love it, thanks for adding more baked in features! Keep up the good work.


Great add!

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