Recreating a Spreadsimple site


I am a regular user of Spreadsimple, which is a product deriving its data from a Google Sheet. The most appealing aspect to me of Spreadsimple is its comprehensive filtering. If you look at a site like for example, I have 10 filters.

As much as I like Spreadsimple, there is very little updating going on. There is very little happening from the company and so I was wondering if Knack could be used to recreate a site like Cardmart with its filters? I have already decided to use Knack for an inventory/CRM/customer portal for a future project involving collectibles retailing, but if its also suitable to recreate Spreadsimple type sties, it would give me added incentive to really get to grips with Knack and use it more widely.

Any demos of people out there using filtering like that with Knack?

Kind Regards

Hi @Matt6, could you send an image of the filter?
Knack has different filtering methods so it would be helpful to understand the type of filtering with some images.

Here is an image of the filters at that filter MTG cards. They work interdependantly, along with a search feature and sort feature (in this case, based on price).

Hi Matt, we can do something similar in Knack.

Do you have any demos of something similiar I can check out?

Yes I do.
You can email me at

ok will do :slight_smile: