Question: Column summaries with multiple groupings in a table

I thought it was possible for a table with a Column Summary to show that summary for each of the Groupings, if there are more than one.

For example, I want to group orders first by Current Supplier and then by Product, and I want to see a Total column summary for both groups.

Is this possible?

Hi Eric,

This is a limitation of grouping, it will only add totals to one group.
The attached shows a table grouped by pets for their clips.
If you look at Millie on the first screenshot you will see the total cost of clips is £215.00.
I have then grouped into this the Shampoo, I still get £215.00 but don’t get the breakdown of £30.00, £144.00 & £41.00 for the three different shampoos used.

It would be nice if there was the option to also total by the secondary group, but not at the moment. :blush:

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Thanks @CarlHolmes - agreed!

I need this quite often - would be a good upgrade

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