PWA - Progressier integration / access to add external JS File

I’m currently trying to create a mobile PWA app from knack which I want to be able to install and manage it simply.

Hearing from progressier directly, they believe an integration would be very simple by allowing users to put code into the service worker.

This is how it would work:

First part would be in the “Custom JS” section should allow for people to add the script/manifest for the PWA. It will work fine that it’s loaded after the rest of the page and works with the current setup.

The part that needs to be added is the integration is allowing their users to upload a custom JavaScript file to the root of their domain (to serve as service worker). So for example, if your Knack app is at, you’ll need to upload a file so that it’s available at (the actual name of the file doesn’t matter).

If knack added this option (Bubble has it), you could integrate Progressier into Knack perfectly, and it would work just as well as in Bubble.

From progessier: “I don’t think it would take them very long to add this feature, it’s really simple.”

I’d really appreciate some support for this as after my own research it looks like it could be very simple and I’d hate to have to move everything to a new system just so it can support this.


This is something we can definitely help you out with. We have built a couple applications to do exactly what you are looking for. Please reach out and we can set up a call to discuss your requirements further. I am attaching my calendar here: My Calendar

It would be an excellent upgrade for Knack to have a mobile PWA app. Let us know if you have news about it. :thinking: