Print function - to not include the button in the table

Hi everyone, how can I manage to not include the edit and delete button whenever I hit the print? Thanks!

There may be a code based way to do this but I’m not a coder. To get around this using Knack I simply change the currency total field to be the edit link.

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Hey Ronald,

If you want to simply change the styling swhen printing you can use the CSS media rules like this…

@media print {
.kn-table-link {
display: none;

You can target in this case the link and then remove it. You could perhaps do the whole columns looking a bit neater.

Hope this helps



Hey @Johnny_Parsons_86 - I knew you’d know how to do it :+1:

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@Johnny_Parsons_86 saw it somewhere before coming here again :slight_smile: Thanks anyways, really appreciate it :slight_smile: