Per Page Color Settings

Hi Folks.

I'm terribly unskilled at css or js but I'd really like to be able to set the Banner and Buttons as different colors on some of my pages.

I've tried some attempts at CSS in the builder but I cannot get the coding correct.

Hi Steve,

This is a bit tricky, to be honest the header does not render with each page. If you look when you load the page the header remains the same whilst the content of the page loads.

Can possibly look into doing this with some javascript but not to sure on the results. However if you want to explore this or go through any other customizations then I can go through some things with you.

ping me an email and I can see what I can do for you


Yep! The "AutoHouse Automotive" red banner. Sometimes I want it to be blue.

No problem and Apologies I thought you meant the submit buttons on the forms. Ok so If I have got this right you want to change the color of the main menu nav bar at the top in red based on the page your on?

Hi Johnny.

Thanks very much for the help. I mean the first header (banner) of each page. its currently the same on every page in my app. Pic below.... I put the code you suggested on my CSS tab, and filled in the scene# as reported by the builder but no love. still red.

Sorry I think you meant the menu buttons with the banner right. I've done a custom job with mine like this

is this what you meant

Hi Steve,

Hope you're good the following code will work for buttons however you will need to select the scenes and fields you want this to work with. Where I have put the ?? you will need to add the scenes that you want to change the colour of the buttons for.

.is-primary {
background-color: blue !important;

#kn-scene_?? .is-primary {
background-color: blue !important;

You can do some mad stuff with CSS so if you want to know anything else then just let me know.