Ability to change button (Submit) button without changing menu background

I would like to change the color of the Submit button to a different color, however, it is tied to the color of the menu background. I would like to see these options separated. For example, I have a black background for my menus but I don't want to have a black background for my submit button. I would like to have it brighter, more obvious but at the same time leave the menus as is. This would be across the entire application. Thanks. Charlie

The power of CSS allows you to target any element on any page as targetted or as broad as you want. You can have a hundred submit buttons on your page and have every single one be unique in every way. The key to CSS is understanding specificity. Start here and ask questions after you have read and messed around with it a little https://www.knack.com/developer-documentation/#css

And its actually much easier than you might think once you understand a few key concepts

Can you do this for only one submit button instead of across the whole application?


You can use this.This will change the color for all your submit button.


background-color: #008CBA !important;


Change the hex number for the color that you like to use.