How do i change the color of the submit or search buttons

I'm using the new app builder and in settings, Live App Design, Header & Menu , App header I can see background color (which i have set to blue - #1a2654) and in Page Menu I can see fill color (which have set to gold - #aa9367) but neither affects the background colour of the submit or search buttons.


Also in Look and Feel there's options for changing the link text color (it's labelled as "This will affect links, button text, and table headers") 

But i cant see anything for the buttons - where can i change that background button colour as its currently white so it leaves the button as very hard to see.

many thanks Jonathan


in the back-end on CSS code :

modify the button background by using this class:

.kn-menu .kn-button {

             background-color: your color here;
             color: text color here;